“Quarta musculos commonstrantium figura, omnes in posteriori corporis.” 1543 anatomical illustration, engraving by Jan Stephan van Calcar. 
(Library of Congress)

Naomi Elishuv had played for a number of orchestras, including Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, but was forced to stop performing professionally two decades ago when she began suffering from a condition called essential tremor. During the procedure which was performed under local anaesthetic, surgeons asked Elishuv to play so her brain was active. The footage shows Elishuv shaking and struggling to play the violin before she is wheeled into surgery. Surgeons are then seen operating on her brain behind a huge plastic curtain. As soon as the procedure is complete, the violinist’s hands become steady, and she is able to play unhindered for the first time in 20 years.

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Partial eclipse of the Moon, observed on October 24, 1874, illustrated by Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, courtesy of the New York Public Library.

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so for my art project we had to fake a death/murder. for mine I did someone who had jumped off a building. when I was laying down while the picture was being taken, 7 people came running up to me asking if I was okay and if I needed an ambulance etc. I’ve been suicidal for a very long time, and the thoughts of jumping off buildings and ending my life have gone through my mind a thousand times. But the fact that people actually stopped and came running over to see if I was alright made me see that people do care, strangers care. so many people looked and walked past, but these 7 people some how took these suicidal feelings away… weird huh? But the moral of this story is that people do care about you, even people who don’t know who you are.

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